Merry Matukonis

Merry Matukonis
RN, CCWFN, ACN, CGP– Clinician & Infusion Nurse
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My Mission

At Optimal Wellness my mission is to help people of all ages feel their best by treating their nutritional deficiencies or toxicities and hormonal imbalances with safe products and IonCleanse Detox Footbaths. I help my clients by using organic whole food supplements and superior herbal formulas produced by Standard Process and MediHerb.

How Do I Help You?

If you are seeking help in dealing with the health issues identified above, I can help. Fortunately, most of the processes can be handled virtually online.

As a first step please book an appointment with me using the online booking process on the website. Once you book an appointment please complete and submit the New Patient Information Form and the other two documents (Permission Authorization Form and Informed Consent Form).

During our first appointment, I will review with you the information you provided concerning your health issues, pursue in more detail some of the health issues your raised and, working with you, develop a preliminary course of treatment using specific nutritional supplements and an Herbal formula, based on your personal needs.

Utilizing the System Survey Form and your personal history leads us down your correct path to much better health.

For those clients who are able to meet personally with me, I utilize a Nutrition Response Testing program that helps me to better personalizes your therapy.

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system that reveals the underlying causes of illness or non-optimal health.

After a period time using the supplements I have prescribed for you, we will arrange for another online or phone meeting where we will discuss how your treatment is progressing, what changes you have observed in your health issues, and determine if any changes need to be made in your treatment plan.

Take control of your health today and contact me. Let me finally start you on a path towards optimal health and wellness. As the testimonials included on this webpage demonstrate I have helped numerous people with their health issues, and I can help you.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to achieve much higher levels of health and wellness.