Seven Anti-Aging Wellness Tips

  1. Seven Anti-Aging Wellness Tips

Seven Anti-Aging Wellness Tips

Anti-Aging Healthcare is becoming a specialty with all the challenges in modern life. Issues like digestive compromises, obesity, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular problems, etc.…

Where do we begin to make improvements in our overall health?

The health of our gut, of course. What in the world are you putting in there? A little hint for you…it better be real whole food. Not, food-like substances. Take my word for it. If you are buying most of your “food” from the supermarket and you have NOT allocated some of your food budget to purchase directly from local organic farmers, you’re missing out

Do yourself a big fat favor and eat more healthy real fats for starters. You’ll be happier for it. Your brain will thank you. Considering our brain is made up of 65% fat! Even the famous Framingham Heart study concluded this as fact. Here are some tips for you.

1. Eat as much organic clean food as you can afford

2. Move daily for a minimum of 30 minutes in nature

3. Get yourself on a proper, targeted Nutritional Supplement program by seeing a practitioner that practices Nutrition Response Testing

4. Get adequate rest, sleep, and laughter in your life

5. Incorporate extra virgin olive oil in your diet daily

6. Avoid all seed oil like the plague because they destroy the lining of our blood vessels. It’s been found in chips and most crackers, fried foods, and cooking oils that have been hydrogenated.

7. Incorporate deep breathing and yoga into your weekly routine for wellness

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